Who We Are

Verinent® is a privately-owned company located in Houston, Texas that originated with the need to bring truth to the bearing industry.

The employees at Verinent® are excited to teach and share what we know about bearings. We love what we do, and we delight in spreading our knowledge with you.

Truth in Rotation®

Our name, Verinent®, came to us when we decided truth was going to be the bedrock of our company. “Veri” derived from the latin word, Veritas, for truth, and “nent” comes from the latin word for spin. Combining those two words gives us a company focused on Truth in Rotation®. That is what we do; bring truth and education to our customers about bearings.


We have the responsibility to provide exactly what is needed, not what is most profitable.

In the e-commerce world, there are fewer and fewer quality “customer service focused” companies. We live and breathe customer service and want to provide you with an exceptional customer experience. We thrive on helping others.

Our Brand search and Bearing search were created with our customers in mind. We made finding the bearings you need simple and painless.

We’re here for you

Verinent’s® existence is based on truth, education, and service. If there is anything we can do to serve you better, please let us know. The days of false information and subpar customer service are over.

Snoop around and tell us what you think.