I’ll have some of you agree while the other half will disagree, but that is usually almost always the case with any opinionated type of post or conversation. But in this blog let’s talk about apps for cyclists. Here are my top 5 apps that I believe are the most useful for avid cyclists. Each app is unique in its own sense of providing features that are extremely useful in helping depict certain metrics another app was not able to provide. Some provide motivational support while another can show you 3D view of your ride. If your favorite app is not mentioned in this blog, feel free to leave it in the comments below!


Strava is the go-to app for many cyclists. Strava is a website as well as a mobile app that has the capability of tracking and recording your rides while providing you with metrics such as speed and distance etc. The social aspect of this app is what sets it apart from others. This app not only records and tracks your own ride, but it is able to compare your results with others who have ridden the same route. This app is social media for cyclists because you to follow your friends. You can keep up with what routes your followers are riding on and their weekly progress. join groups and compete in challenges. This app is available for free and you can upgrade to premium and receive additional features. These mentioned social features are what makes this app come out on top of its competitors.

For more information visit strava.com

Compatibility: iOS and Android


Relive is a unique app in that it is able to convert data from your into a virtual moving map that can show you where you have been as well as the highlights from your ride. The 3D map shows you your speed, heart rate, and other metrics along with any photos you happened to have taken along the way. This app is currently compatible with Strava, Garmin Connect, Map My Ride, Endomondo, Apple Health, and Polar Flow platforms to upload information from your ride and see your performance results in a better view.


For more information visit relive.cc

Compatibility: iOS and Android


Although Endomondo app has features that are seen on many other cycling apps out there, they have a little extra something that makes them stand out over the others. This app not only displays your results and performance, but it also has a motivational component. It functions in such a way in that it can provide audio feedback with direction on how to achieve the goals you have set forth for yourself.  Endomondo is like a personal trainer that you can carry around in your hand or have in your back pocket 24/7.


For more information visit endomondo.com

Compatibility: iOS and Android



Cyclemeter is an app that can turn your phone to function as a cycle computer. Mount your phone on your handlebars and take it for a ride while having the ability to see real-time metrics right at your fingertips. View stats, maps, graphs, calendars, summaries, and a whole lot more through Cyclemeter.

For more information visit abvio.com/cylcemeter

Compatibility: iOS and Android




Trailforks is an app full of interactive mountain bike trails that are mapped in over 80 countries. It displays popular trails, trail conditions, heatmaps, routes, Strava segments, GPS tracking, and much more. You can also read reviews as well as look at photos of the trails posted by other Trailforks users. If you are new to an area or want to ride on a new trail this is the app for you!

For more information visit: trailforks.com

Compatibility: iOS and Android